The Klixters Compensation Plan is divided into

in two main areas:

Awards (paid in cash)

Earnings (paid in cash)

- To win Prizes, just participate in the daily draw. To participate in the Daily Draw, the member only needs to access his / her

panel and click on the gray ticket, which is sponsored by an advertiser, answer the 3 profile survey questions, watch the advertiser's commercial, rate and answer the commercial survey. Soon after, the gold ticket appears to be scraped. Scratch the ticket and the number of entries for the draw will be shown. The earned entries will be added to the existing ones. On the day that the member is drawn, their entries will be withdrawn, remaining only 5. Each day new entries will be added. Daily draw winners can win $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 or $ 100 dollars.

- Earnings are divided into two groups:

Linear Income Gains (from your daily activities).

Residual Income Gains (from a

percentage of your community's earnings).

NOTE: THESE TWO WAYS OF GAINS ARE CURRENTLY IN THE BETA PHASE, NOT BEING MONETIZED. Klixters is working diligently to initiate the payment of these earnings. Today, members can practice to win, but the winnings are not real.

Linear Yield Gains

These gains come from the daily activity of watching the videos, rating them and evaluating them.

How to do the task:

Access your Klixters panel ( with your login and password

Click the Earn icon

Rate the video

Take the survey

Watch the video

NOTE: Klixters has defined a score called KlixBits (Kb), which you receive for the work of watching, classifying and responding to the survey of each video. Today, each video is worth 35 KB (10KB for the evaluation + 25KB for the answers) which is equivalent to 35 cents. Each 100 KB is equal to 1 KlixCoin, which is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. When watching, classifying and answering the questions in the 3 videos, the member will receive 105KB. Once all 3 videos are watched, there will be no more videos to watch until the next morning.

NOTE: The amounts paid for videos on KlixBits may vary in the future upwards or downwards, as well as the number of questions per video may also vary.

Advertisers - Klixters will pay the member 10% on the value of the

advertiser’s invoice, which he recommends.

Residual Income Gains

To obtain residual income, the member must build a community with people who are interested in participating in the

Klixters and who are over 18 years old. Klixters membership is FREE, it costs nothing to participate and it will always be FREE. The more people you invite, the more money the member can earn. The member should encourage his guests to build their community as well, inviting other people.

The member's community is made up of all the people he personally invites, who are his first level; by the people invited by your first level, who form your second level, and so on up to the sixth level. Klixters will pay the member a percentage of the value earned from their entire community, from the first to the sixth level. For example, if the member invites 3 people and each person does the same and so on up to the sixth level people, their community will consist of 1092 people. If each person earned 105Kb per day for a month (30 days), their community will have earned 3,439,800KB or 34,398KC or US $ 34,398. The member receives a percentage of this money. KlixBits from the community are called CoinMatch.

The percentage the member receives depends on two factors:

Status - Refers to the amount of KlixBits that the member personally earns in the month, by performing the task of classifying and answering the questions of the videos daily. See the description below:

Active Status: between 1 and 99 KlixBits in the month

Bronze status: between 100 and 999 KlixBits in the month

Silver Status: between 1000 and 1999 KlixBits in the month

Gold Status: between 2000 and 2999 KlixBits in the month

Platinum Status: 3000 or more KlixBits in the month

            NOTE: The goal is to achieve Platinum Status every month.

The member only receives CoinMatch from the members of his community with his same Status on the invites and the performance of his community. There are 5 classification levels:

1 Star: The member who personally invites 1 to 9 people.

            Monthly amount you receive: 2% over the amount produced by people in your community with the Status equal to or less than yours.

2 Stars: The member who personally invites between 10 to 99 people.

            Monthly amount you receive: 4% of the amount produced by people in your community with the Status equal to or less than yours.

3 Stars: The member who personally invites 100 or more people.

           Monthly amount you receive: 6% over the amount produced by people in your community with the Status equal or in