Milo and Michelle created KLIXTERS with the desire to help bring a little (or a lot) more money into the pockets of millions of citizens worldwide. How many times a day do you pick up the phone and browse Instagram, Twitter or Facebook without thinking about anything? What if, in just one of those moments, you answered 3 questions about yourself? What if you saw some 1 or 2 minute ads and gave your opinion on what you watched? Would that change your day? Of course it would change, and it is such an easy change. What if, by doing this, inviting and signing up more Klixters, you could bring more money into your home regardless of your age, profession, or education? That's what Milo and Michelle are making happen to Klixters
At the moment, you can join the BETA team, start creating your Klixter team in various cities, states and other countries, and help hundreds or thousands of people achieve more financial independence or a more comfortable retirement.
Important: It's FREE and it will be ALWAYS FREE. 
If it makes sense join our community.
To join is by invitation only. Send a message to joe@klixters.ws or WhatsApp 1-973-277-0257 saying you are interested and you'll receive an invitation in 24 hours.