Welcome Klixters Members,

The purpose of this document is to provide Klixters members with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers). Feel free to distribute this document to anyone you invite to Klixters.

1) What is the date when Klixters will start paying to watch the videos?
Unfortunately, we don't have a specific date. We are currently working on this software. We will start paying to watch the videos as soon as everything is ready.

2) When will the Klixters app be in Portuguese or Spanish?
For Portuguese click on the Portuguese flag. For Spanish click on the Spanish flag. 

3) What are the rules of the Daily Draw?
Since daily draw entries never expire, reactivate those entries every day for a chance to win. The only rule is that your entries must be reactivated daily (golden ticket) to participate. Your ticket must be gold to be in the draw.

4) Can we have the names of some advertisers who have already joined Klixters?
We are a company under construction, which means that we currently have no revenue. We don't have any advertising partners yet. We plan to start selling and securing advertisers for the Daily Giveaway. This will be announced shortly.

5) Who owns Klixters?
Klixters is a private company and majority owned by the founders, Milo and Michelle Seidl. Klixters also has more than 20 investors. Together, these are the owners of Klixters.

6) Where is the main office located?
Klixters' headquarters are located in Cape Coral, Florida, USA.

7) When did Klixters start?
Klixters was registered in January 2019 and started developing version 1.0 of the application.

8) What is Klixters main objective?
Klixters' main objective (mission) is to help millions of people in need around the world.

9) How much does it cost to be a Klixters member?
It costs nothing to be a member of Klixters. The Klixters app is FREE.

10) I don't have to sell anything, so how do I build my business?
There is no sale at Klixters, as we do not manufacture or sell products. You can build your business by inviting friends, family and colleagues to Klixters. There is no limit to how many people you can invite and sponsor.

11) Does Klixters offer other products?
Klixters does not manufacture or sell products. If you mean other ways to win? Yes, we plan to launch other ways to make money in the future. Soon, we plan to launch a new way to win, where you can earn hundreds of dollars by building your own Klixters community. This will be announced shortly and will be monetized after the announcement.

12) What is an Upline?
It is the upline, that is, it is the person who invited you to Klixters. It is also called a sponsor

13) What is a downline?
Your downline is the community you build, made up of 6 levels. The first level is the people you personally invite, the second level is the people invited by your first level, and so on up to the sixth level.

14) Where can I learn about the Compensation Plan and all the details?
You can download the compensation plan at:

15) Where can I learn about my roles?
Their work is relatively simple. Daily perform your video evaluation tasks and stay qualified for the Daily Draw. Invite your friends, family and co-workers to Klixters. Teach them to do the same things you do.

16) How do I earn commissions from my community?
We do not sell products, so there are no commissions to be earned. We offer a CoinMatch bonus. This bonus is currently not operational, so it is not being paid. A CoinMatch bonus is a prize on all the money earned from your community. Please refer to the Compensation Plan document for more details.

17) How often will I receive commissions?
The CoinMatch bonus is paid on the first day of each month. Please note that this part of the app is still in the testing phase, but monetization will soon begin.

18) What methods can I choose to receive my commissions?
You need to have a PayPal account to receive your commissions.

19) Is there any other way to receive payment besides PayPal?
Today, PayPal is the only payment option.

20) Where can I find more information about Klixters?
You can acquire more information through the Klisters manual, which you can download at: